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Link to CT1.v1 IPD and interactive site

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Imputed IPD from ~150 trial publications in breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate cancer, which in aggregate comprise ~220,000 overall survival OS) or event-free survival events (e.g. progression free survival, PFS).

Citation: “Cancer patient survival can be accurately parameterized, revealing time-dependent therapeutic effects and doubling the precision of small trials” by Deborah Plana, Geoffrey Fell, Brian M. Alexander, Adam C. Palmer, Peter K. Sorger. bioRxiv 2021.05.14.442837; doi:

Link to CT2.v1 IPD

Donwload zip file with imputed IPD here

Imputed IPD from combination therapies with immune-checkpoint inhibitors across six cancer types including breast, gastric, head and neck, lung, melanoma, and renal.

Citation: “Combinatorial benefit without synergy in recent clinical trials of immune checkpoint inhibitors” by Adam C. Palmer, Benjamin Izar , Haeun Hwangbo and Peter K. Sorger. medRxiv 2020.01.31.20019604; doi: